"Dengue" en Topless Robot

This week, it's Dengue by Rodolfo Santullo and Matias Bergara. Dengue is about a detective and a news reporter in Montevideo, years after an outbreak of some kind of zombie dengue fever drove everyone indoors or into suits, and it plays as a mystery/government conspiracy tale. I usually go into these postapocalyptic wasteland stories expecting a kind of dull cynicysm - not dull as in boring, but dull like blunted and weary. It's there in Dengue, but it's playfully witty, almost like everyone in the story is aware that it's how they're supposed to behave, but just under the surface they're really having a lot of fun. Bergara's monsters are perfectly grotesque, but Santullo's writing is the best part - really sharp, smart, funny in just the right places and different enough (especially at the end of the story) that what could have been a standard disease zombie apocalypse and makes it a fun, worthwhile read.

You can pick up Dengue at your friendly local comic shop or online via Humanoids.com.


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