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Forty Coffins ($3.99) – OUR BOOK OF THE WEEK!
Forty Coffins 1
Writer: Rodolfo Santullo
Artist: Jok
Letterer: Jacob Bascle
Genre: Horror
It’s Kind of Like: John Carpenter’s The Thing on a boat.
The Premise: A mysterious second mate. A hull full of worthless cargo. A disappearing stowaway. The crew of the Demeter has its fair share of problems—and that’s before people start disappearing.
100-Word Review: ComiXology Submit is full of great horror books, and you can add Forty Coffins to the list. Jok’s art evokes Gabriel Rodriquez’s moody work on Locke & Key (if you’ve read Locke and Key, you know that’s a compliment), and while Santullo’s writing isn’t quite up to Joe Hill’s standard, Forty Coffins offers a haunting and action-packed look at an entire crew’s descent into madness. If you’re up on your classic horror, you know where Forty Coffins is going—but instead of ruining the surprise, this foreknowledge makes the Demeter‘s journey towards its inevitable fate all the more chilling.
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